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We are happy to meet your individual project requirements.

SER Sanierung im Erd- und Rückbau GmbH

Our main business areas include: building gutting, asbestos removal, earthwork, demolition, remediation of contaminated areas.

RUZ – www.ruz-mineralik.net

We are an experienced company in the field of disposal and recovery of mineral waste.

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For the acceptance and utilization of mineral waste our qualified staff are at your disposal.

ReWied Logo

ReWied – www.rewied.de

Contaminated sites are our challenge – a rehabilitated land is your profit! We take over your project development in area recycling.

varioWand – www.variowand.de

varioWand is the ideal element as a bulk material box for the industry, as a modern retaining wall for municipal projects or for the private property.